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Pacific Rim College Online is a leading online school of holistic health, sustainable leadership and business innovation. PRCOnline delivers the highest quality virtual education with innovative course and program offerings brought to you by some of the foremost experts in the world. PRCOnline came about in an effort to expand the impact reach of our partner school, Pacific Rim College, a globally-recognized leader in holistic medicine and sustainable living.

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“I had been in full time practice for well over 20 years when I first came across Paul’s works and I count their solid, practical, experience and tradition based wisdom as amongst the very best of the courses and materials I have found in a life-time of study. The highest recommendation I can give is that, when my adult daughter set her heart on becoming a herbalist, Paul’s courses are the ones I suggested she begin her own life time of learning with – she is already flying with them.”

R.W., Christchurch, New Zealand, Systemic Inflammation, Food Intolerance And Autoimmunity

I was fortunate to take a cycle charting class with Krista that completely changed my life. I had struggled with chronic severe acne on my chest, face, and back for over 15 years and had seen countless doctors and practitioners with no success. I tried strict diets and purchased a cabinet full of creams and topical remedies over the years that never offered lasting results. I had nearly given up hope… I quickly became Krista’s client after that class and she started me on a specific herbal protocol to adjust the hormonal imbalance I was experiencing. It took some time to see results, but it has been the most worthwhile endeavour- this Summer I was able to wear a proper bathing suit and strappy dresses that revealed my back and chest for the first time in over 15 years! I finally have clear skin!  I am constantly recommending her to anyone who shares about hormonal imbalance and acne.”

Women's Health - Menstrual Cycle-Tracking And Herbal Medicine

“The course contained an excellent combination of scientific research and practical counsel. The tools that I received and the concepts that were discussed will be very helpful in promoting wise nutrition advice to everyone in my sphere of influence.

Achieving Optimal Health Through Nourishing Traditional Diets

This was an incredible course. I am feeling more confident in my understanding of hormones…”

An Integrated Approach To Female Hormonal Health

“What a fantastic course! Extremely well organized and presented, with useful reference materials and an excellent textbook. As an RHN without acupuncture/other TCM training this was an exciting new way of looking at how foods heal.”

Kathy, Oakville, On, Chinese Dietary Therapy

“I was recently diagnosed by a Nurse Practitioner with shingles on my lower back. I called Dr Scott for the appropriate remedies and approximately 4 hours later the sharp stabbing, knife-like pain was greatly reduced. By the next morning the area had already begun to shrink. I would not have been able to use conventional medications as the time frame of the conventional medicines being helpful had already passed. If I did not use the homeopathic remedies I would have had to wait for the shingles to run its course – that was not a good option with that amount of pain!”

Debbie, Winnipeg, Canada, Homeopathy First Aid For Everyone

“Krista is doing such great work empowering, inspiring and educating about our cycles, and inner goddess, with ALL the details. I am so happy she is doing this and have learned SOO much more then i was expecting. AHH what more can i say… every women and young girl should learn what Krista is sharing. Thank you so much Krista for your dedication to the subject and for sharing it with us, you ROCK!” 

Women's Health - Anatomy, Hormones And Cycle-Tracking

“This workshop was amazing! I would highly recommend it.

Reading Diagnostic Laboratory Blood Tests For Female Hormonal Health
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