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Pacific Rim College Online is a leading online school of holistic health, sustainable leadership and business innovation. PRCOnline delivers the highest quality virtual education with innovative course and program offerings brought to you by some of the foremost experts in the world. PRCOnline came about in an effort to expand the impact reach of our partner school, Pacific Rim College, a globally-recognized leader in holistic medicine and sustainable living.

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“I have already applied the knowledge for myself and my clients with astounding results.

The course was excellent, thorough and the speaker made the subject easy to understand and clarified many myths about food intolerances. One of the best and most useful courses I have taken. This has taken my practice to a new level with my clients with chronic conditions. Thank you for sharing this information.”

Systemic Inflammation, Food Intolerance And Autoimmunity

“Excited to dive into understanding my own cycle and system, which for so long felt like an annoying or difficult mystery.

Super interesting, and helpful! Now I have a much better understanding and tools to figure it out!”

Women's Health - Menstrual Cycle-Tracking And Herbal Medicine

“The course was thought provoking and it opened my eyes to many of the lies we have been fed in this ‘modern food’ culture.

Sally’s lecture was a delight and I would like to see more on both her and the Weston A. Price Foundation. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved it!  The way we ate on the farm and the way I continue to eat today is the ‘traditional diet’ now I have some information as to why it works!”

Achieving Optimal Health Through Nourishing Traditional Diets

“I’ve experienced adrenal fatigue and want to be able to help others.

Great course. It’s a great starting point for people wanting to know more about how our hormones work and affect us.”

An Integrated Approach To Female Hormonal Health

“I’ve been fussing about getting my project off the ground, unable to move because of so many questions.

This workshop was amazing for me! Just what I needed to crash my state of nervous apprehension and get going on this project.  The workshop cleared away many of the big issues and I’m ready to move!!! So thanks for that! It was time well spent for me!”

Natural Building Basics - Part I: Wall Systems

“I always have studied nutrition and find it most challenging with all the variety.

 I now understand my constitution and what foods I was craving for what reasons. Food has gone through so much modification since the 80’s that this course is a MUST for those looking for answers to reclaim their wellness from within…. knowing your body constitution is so important to eat the right food for your uniqueness. Excellent Course!”

Chinese Dietary Therapy

Fear of Driving.

“I just wanted to tell you that I was able to drive 600 km in an intense rain storm from Toronto to Kingston and back on Thursday and from another 300 km from Toronto to London on Friday in a snow and wind storm. Did I enjoy it? No, but I was able to do it. Four years ago, I took my daughter to look at schools closer to Toronto and I could barely breathe as I did it and the weather was fine… so thank you!!!”

Homeopathy First Aid For Everyone

“Very thought provoking and unconventional.

A prolific professor, able to articulate concepts with contemporary and relevant concepts…”

Ethics Made Fascinating And Pertinent For Practitioners

“Her techniques were well demonstrated and I could get a better view of them through the videos than I would in a packed classroom.

The practitioner Sarah Pritchard was very knowledgeable, she taught channels and methods I hadn’t learned in school. This course was a valuable investment for my practice.”

Tui Na, Moxa & Acupuncture For Menopause
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