Manual Lymphatic Routine: Drainage & Detoxification

Learn about the essential role of the lymphatic system and how to support and detoxify it with a Manual Lymphatic Drainage routine.


Length: 1 hours

Instructor: Phil Hurrle | Holistic Coach


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Meet your course instructor

Phil Hurrle | Holistic Coach

Phil Hurrle is a Holistic Coach who has studied throughout the world with many distinguished teachers, doctors, and therapists in order to assemble methods and techniques that have the greatest impact on his clients’ health and happiness.  He was fortunate enough to train and teach at a highly successful alternative medical clinic in India that specializes in the holistic treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. He has also trained in many practices including Hatha, Iyengar, and Ashtanga yoga, myofascial and psoas release, lymphatic drainage, and various meditation and breathwork techniques.  After teaching throughout the United States and in locations around the world including Costa Rica, Mexico, India, he now resides and teaches at a retreat centre in Bali. His passion is supporting people who suffer from chronic pain, systemic tension, and stress, as well as assisting athletes of all kinds optimize their performance. Through consistent application of direct and effective practices, he helps people realign, rebalance, and restore their mobility, alignment, energy, confidence, and overall foundational health in order to help them harness the energy that is already inside of them in order to live a more enjoyable and healthier life.

Course description

The lymphatic system is a crucial aspect of human anatomy and physiology. It helps to detoxify the body from normal physiological processes and the side effects of modern living. Lymph is a fluid that keeps body fluids balanced and helps fight against infection. It must move and circulate to function optimally.

This program will teach you how to detoxify the lymphatic system using simple manual techniques. Learn about the lymphatic system, who should and shouldn’t do this program, step-by-step instructions on how to manually move the lymph in major node concentrations (with or without tools), and a final routine you can regularly follow to help keep your body’s lymph flowing.

The body relies upon musculature and physical movement/manipulation to move lymph. The techniques in this program support a naturally occurring process to improve lymph flow and, therefore, the body’s overall health.

Upon completion of this course, you will have the ability to:

  • Understand what the lymphatic system is and why it’s important to maintaining foundational health.
  • Know the dos and don’ts of Manual Lymphatic Drainage.
  • Know where the main lymph nodes are throughout the body.
  • Manually drain and detoxify the lymphatic system using simple, manual techniques.
  • Use Manual Lymphatic Drainage tools.

This course is one of three online courses in the Functional Movement and Detoxification Bundle, which includes:

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Lesson plan

Section I | Welcome

1. Introduction & course outline

2. The lymphatic system

Section II | Demonstrations

3. Manual techniques

4. Upper body

5. Torso

6. Lower body

7. Face, head & neck

8. Rebounding

9. Optional tools

Section III | Full routine

10. Lymphatic drainage & detoxification Full routine

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