Trauma/PTSD & Recovery in the Context of Chinese Medicine

Learn how to recognize, interview for, understand the neurological mechanisms of, and find the TCM patterns and points for treatment for trauma and PTSD-affected patients.


Length: 4 hours

Instructor: Darren Tellier | BA, RAc


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Who is this course for?
TCM Practitioners / Acupuncturists
Course length (start & watch when you want)
4 hours of video content
Course credits
4 CEUs / PDAs

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NCCAOM (2 CEUs AOM-OM + 2 CEUs AOM-BIO), CTCMA (Category A2 and B), AcNZ, CAAA, CTCMPAO, NZASA (Category 2)
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Meet your course instructor

Darren Tellier | BA, RAc

Darren’s interest in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine was piqued while studying Chinese philosophy in undergrad studies at the University of Alberta. It was in the field of Chinese Medicine that the esoteric nature of Taoism was blended with the functional order and structure of Confucian ethics. The philosophy became a moving living science, adapting to circumstance through the ages. As an associate professor in the Acupuncture program at MacEwan University in Edmonton, Darren aims to further the evolution of Chinese Medicine by adapting and applying these perennial philosophies to our modern condition. He encourages students to embrace knowledge both old and new so as to ensure their skills are applicable and relevant to the needs of our community. Inspired by Systems Theory, Darren is working to interpret Chinese Medical theory through the framework of Hans Seyle’s General Adaptation Syndrome. Through this perspective acupuncture can be applied to modern conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and General Anxiety Disorder.

Course description

This powerpoint presentation on trauma related conditions such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are certainly critical topics not only Chinese Medicine circles, but also with the public at large. It is becoming widely known that acupuncture can be an effective treatment for this syndrome.

If you are struggling to recognize a traumatized patient in your clinic and/or are unsure of effective treatments to use to help them through – then this is the course for you.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to recognize symptoms and conditions that may point to shock and/or trauma as the underlying cause.
  • How to interview patients when we suspect they are suffering from the effects of trauma.
  • How to re-interpret the neurological mechanisms of the traumatized brain in a Chinese Medical framework.
  • What the stages are of treatment involved in unraveling the effects of trauma and stress.
  • What other resources or skills are required to work with patients suffering from stress and trauma-related disorders.

Lesson plan

Section I | Welcome

1. Welcome

2. Course Guidebook

Section II | Recognizing Trauma-Related Disorders

3. Unit Overview

4. Importance of Recognizing Trauma-Related Disorders

Section III | Biomedical Models

5. Unit Overview

6. Current Bio-medical Models of Shock, Stress, and the Long-Term Effects of Trauma on the Mind and Body

Section IV | TCM Viewpoints

7. Unit Overview

8. How Chinese Medicine Describes and Quantifies Fright or Shock

Section V | Mapping & Treatment Strategies

9. Mapping Components of Trauma into a Chinese Medicine Framework + Treatment Strategies

Section VI | Chinese Medicine Strategies

10. The Structure of Trauma: Chinese Medicine Strategies

Section VII | Case Studies

11. Case Studies

12. Conclusions

13. Course Summary

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