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Learn how to individualize diet plans according to body constitution, energetics, and seasonality.

General Interest
13.5 CEUs/PDAs

Length: 13.5 hours

Instructor: Gillian Marsollier | R.AC., C.C.I.I.

Sarah PRitchard teaches the Qi Gong five element protection exercise.

You will want to practice this daily once you see the immediate calming and centering benefits!

General Interest
0.5 CEUs/PDAs

Length: 0.5 hours

Instructor: Sarah Pritchard | LIC.AC, MBACC, DIP.TUI NA, CLIN. CERT. TUI NA (NANJING)

Qi Gong techniques can help to manage pain and prevent aging.

Explore how to use powerful Qi Gong techniques to increase circulation for pain-relief, a youthful complexion, and cognitive enhancement.


Length: 1 hours

Instructor: Dr. Martha Lucas | PH.D., L.AC.

Acupuncturist beginning treatment on a patient.

Be guided by one the top Tui Na instructors globally and start mastering your Tui Na and Moxibustion techniques. Learn how to foster deep connections with your patients to improve clinical results.


Length: 8 hours

Instructor: Sarah Pritchard | LIC.AC, MBACC, DIP.TUI NA, CLIN. CERT. TUI NA (NANJING)

Unique point functions can be used to improve patient results.

Get out of an acupoint rut and expand both your point choices and combinations for effective and innovative treatments.


Length: 6 hours

Instructor: Dr. Martha Lucas | PH.D., L.AC.

Ethical theory is an important aspect of a practitioner's practice.

Bring ethical theory into your clinical practice and your personal life to increase confidence and strengthen your ethical decision making skills.


Length: 4 hours

Instructor: G. Elijah Dann | PH.D., TH.D.

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