Treatment Protocols for Common Hormonal Case Studies

Five case studies presented offer you a deep understanding of common hormonal pathologies. You will be presented with step-by-step holistic protocols for each one.


Length: 3.25 hours

Instructor: Bev Maya | Medical Herbalist, Honours B.SC. Chemistry


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Who is this course for?
Western Herbalists, Naturopaths, Advanced General Interest
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3.25 hours of video content
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3 CEUs / PDAs

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Meet your course instructor

Bev Maya | Medical Herbalist, Honours B.SC. Chemistry

Bev is a practicing Medical Herbalist who also speaks internationally and locally at conferences and colleges. She worked in the fields of medical research, sales and marketing for 15 years after graduation with an Honours B.Sc. in Chemistry. Bev then completed studies in medical sciences and clinical training in the UK to become a Medical Herbalist. As a tenacious inquisitive, Bev focuses on demystifying menopause for those who do not respond to traditional approaches. At her solo clinic in North Vancouver, BC, Bev’s unique blend of education and experience has provided her with a rare ability to blend the intricacies of nervous, endocrine and digestive system physiology with emotional and spiritual root causes to create a comprehensive treatment plan for those with significant hormonal challenges. Bev previously worked for 15 years with a group of Physicians at the West Coast Women’s Clinic for Hormonal Health and continues to interface with physician in Vancouver, BC that share her interest in the treatment of whole body hormonal health. Bev is a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists and a professional member or American Herbalists Guild. Bev is one of 20 professionally trained Medical Herbalists in Canada.

Course description

Have you ever struggled with interpreting your lab results? Or wondered how “accurate” these tests are? Bev Maya, a trained medical herbalist, will teach you the inherent error associated with blood testing.  With the use of case studies, Bev will establish the “optimum” value for common blood tests and empower participants by explaining the clinical meaning of each test. Participants will be given specific cases related to digestive and liver function, imbalance of the adrenal glands, neurotransmitters, reproductive hormones, and the thyroid gland. Students will also learn the importance of optimum immune function and be provided with herbal remedies that support nervous system balance. Do you ever wonder about the quality of the herbal supplements and nutrients carried by your local health food store? Bev will teach you how to assess them.

This course has two more parts which we highly recommend taking to further your knowledge and help you understand the complex way that the hormonal system is linked in the body and also about specific lab test results to help understand your female patients struggling with hormonal imbalance. We suggest first taking An Integrated Approach To Female Hormonal Health, followed by Reading Diagnostic Laboratory Blood Tests For Female Hormonal Health.

You will learn about:

  • Basic blood tests and what they mean for overall health
  • Suggested protocols for optimizing digestive and liver health as a cornerstone for achieving hormonal balance
  • Identifying and treating an imbalance of adrenal glands and the nervous system
  • Neurotransmitters, reproductive hormones, and thyroid gland-based blood results with real case studies
  • Identifying and treating cardiovascular disease based on blood test results related to MTHFR mutation and homocysteine
  • The connection between immune function and hormonal balance – How to support the immune system with plant medicines
  • How to formulate customized herbal medicine to create medicinal broths and powders
  • Critically assessing natural supplements for their quality and efficacy
Learn how to clinically read blood test for five common hormonal issues and treat with herbal supplements.

Lesson plan

  1. Introduction  
    Welcome to your course! Meet Bev and receive a brief overview of what you’re about to learn!
  2. Basic Hematology and White Blood Cell Differential  
    In this section, Bev provides you with an introduction to the basic hematology and white blood cell panel commonly referred to as “CBC”. She covers the meaning, optimum value, and clinical significance of each blood parameter. Bev then shows some condition-specific testing from GPs, including the assessment of adrenal function, metabolic control, thyroid hormone values, and reproductive hormones.
  3. Case Study One 
    Here you’ll review a case that highlights the interpretation of “CBC” blood results, lipid profiles, and metabolic control parameters.
  4. Gastro Intestinal Track Support Protocols 
    This unit is filled with info for gut health! Bev gives specific step-by-step protocols for removing intestinal pathogens, rebuilding the integrity of the digestive lining, and restoring balance and healthy microflora to the entire digestive tract. In addition, she gives some testing suggestions, as well as herbal and supplement treatments for optimum digestive function.
  5. Hepatic Support 
    Learn about a three-month liver rejuvenation program that decreases inflammation, optimizes detoxification pathways, nourishes the liver, supports gallbladder and circulation pathways to insure balanced hormone production.
  6. Case Study Two 
    This case that focuses on the impact of pharmaceutical medications on hormonal balance; specifically, thyroid dysfunction. Bev shows you salivary lab results for IgG food intolerance and IgA gliaden diagnosing. She also discusses gluten intolerance. Finally, Bev highlights some nutritional treatment solutions to support the body’s innate detoxification systems.
  7. Adrenal Dysfunction 
    Bev presents two cases in this section that show two stages of adrenal dysfunction with laboratory results. This will allow you to understand the progression from one stage to the next, and the changes in cortisol and DHEA values that are characteristic of these stages. Bev will also review the concept of Cortisol Rhythm and its associated symptoms.
  8. Review of Adaptogens 
    Herbal Adaptogens are amazing. They have specific actions on target issues. Bev will show you some here!
  9. Nervine Herbs, Sleep Hygeine, Supplements and Foods for Nervous System Support
     This section contains a wealth of information on specific indications of nervine herbs, the energetics of specific herbs that benefit the nervous system, supplements that create nervous system balance, and food that create neurotransmitter balance. Bev also gives you checklist for sleep hygiene. The importance of amino acid supplementation in nervous system imbalance is discussed.
  10. Neurotransmitter Balance  
    Bev describes how the balance of neurotransmitters is achieved through amino complexes, complete with an informative graph.
  11. Case Study Three
    Here, Bev presents a case that allows the you to review all relevant testing parameters including: “CBC”, ferritin, general chemistry, thyroid, adrenal, insulin function, as well as reproductive function laboratory results.
  12. Reproductive Hormone Treatment Review 
    In this section, Bev reviews the progression of peri-menopause, menopause, and the specific hormonal changes that occur during these stages of hormonal change. Bev provides you with some herbal remedies, including dosage and treatment duration, as well as specific information on how to balance all estrogens (estrone, estradiol and estriol). She also will show you specific remedies to inhibit pro-inflammatory enzymes.
  13. Treatment of Thyroid Dysfunction
    Here, Bev gives you simple, low-cost methods by which global thyroid function can be assessed on an ongoing basis. She also provides thyroid-specific herbs and their dosage in detail.
  14. Case Study Four
    In this section, Bev presents a case that will allow you to examine optimum TSH, Free T4, Free T3, and TPO antibody levels. Sequential laboratory values will be reviewed to reveal trends in metabolic function.
  15. MTHFR Mutation and Homocysteine  
    Bev reviews the complex interaction of a genetic mutation that effects the cell’s ability to produce energy and melatonin. This mutation also affects the abilities of the detoxification systems to inactivate certain harmful materials and allow for their excretion. An error in this pathway also causes an increase in inflammatory chemicals that affect cardiovascular and brain health. Learn all this and more in this section!
  16. Final Case Study   
    This final case will show basic and specific blood laboratory test results and encompasses many of the concepts in hormonal health.
  17. Importance of Immune Function and Treatment  
    Here, Bev focuses on the use of medicinal mushrooms as a “connecter” to the immune, nervous and endocrine systems.
  18. Medicinal Broths and Herbal Powders  
    These inexpensive yet effective remedies are fantastic! Bev discusses some of her favourite nutrient-rich remedies with recipes.
  19. Quality and Choice of Supplements  
    In this section, Bev reviews different herbal preparations and their advantages/disadvantages for you or your potential patients.

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