Now What? Part III: Be With Your Patient

Learn how to be with your patients in terms of internal marketing, establishing powerful treatment plans, referring, working with patients on medications, and so much more - all specifically designed for an Acupuncturist starting out in practice.

11.5 CEUs/PDAs

Length: 11.5 hours

Instructor: Gillian Marsollier | RAc, CCII


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Who is this course for?
New Acupuncturists
Course length (start & watch when you want)
11.5 hours of video content
Course credits
11.5 CEUs / PDAs

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NCCAOM (PE-CW), CTCMA (Category A2 and B), AcNZ, CAAA, CTCMPAO, NZASA (Category 2)
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Meet your course instructor

Gillian Marsollier | RAc, CCII

Gillian Marsollier has been a Registered Acupuncturist in British Columbia since 2001, and an instructor of acupuncture for more than 15 years. After completing a 4-year Masters Program in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, she began her teaching career in Newfoundland. There she wrote the bulk of the curriculum for a 3-year acupuncture program and served as the Acupuncture Program Director. Gillian was then transferred to Halifax, where she successfully gained approval by the Board of Education in Nova Scotia for an acupuncture program. In addition to teaching, she practiced at a very successful multi-faceted alternative treatment centre while residing on the East Coast. In 2008 Gillian went to Nepal to teach acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities at a medical facility. They are still using the modalities to this day to treat the locals from the Himalayan hills. For the last 5 years, Gillian has been pursuing the media side of acupuncture and natural healing through the creation of LIFT Education Academy. Through this online education platform, she has created many popular courses including bootcamps that have become the national gold standard for preparation for TCM registration exams.

Course description

The Ling Shu states that ‘the most effective treatments occur when the spirit of the practitioner connects with the spirit of the patient’.

Interacting with your patients is without a doubt one of the most important parts of your new job. This course will teach you how to engage with your patients every step of the way. In my opinion, this is the most important course in the ‘Now What!?’ series as the art of patient interaction can be the most difficult to learn, but is also one of the most important.

Live patient interviews will demonstrate how to go about taking a history, establishing a treatment plan, and conducting successful internal marketing. Learning how to effectively market your practice is a valuable tool in acquiring long-term patients. By watching this course’s many videos you will see examples of both effective and ineffective treatments and how they are different. You will also learn the proper way to go about working with patients on medications and supplements, as well as referring and inter-referring. This course will also guide you through treatment planning and compliance and provide you with the protocols you need to make your early days a success.

Course Objectives

  • Do a faster clinical first intake and give a proper treatment in that same time frame.
  • Converse with the patient effectively, and understand how to deal with difficult patient personalities. There are very powerful tips in this section.
  • Choosing points on the first treatment when you are overwhelmed by the intake.
  • Feel more confident with your patients, treatment plans and that you are giving the best care you can at the stage you are at. One of the biggest keys to success!
  • Ineffective Treatments – how to deal with this when it happens (and it will!)
  • Medications/Supplements – yes, your patients will most likely be on one or both of these, and often many of each! How do you deal with this fact in clinic? How do you take pulse effectively when they are on medication?
  • Dealing with patient compliance. Learn when to push and when to let go.
  • Internal Marketing – why this is your most powerful form of marketing and how to do it.
  • Referring/Interfering – believe it or not, this can not only be the best thing for your patient, but it can also help to fill your clinic.
  • Plus many more golden nuggets of clinical tips!

Course Outline

• Patient Interviews
• Protocols/Research
• Being With Your Patient
• Ineffective Treatments
• Patience And Deeper Marketing
• Medications/Supplements
• Treatment Planning/Compliancy
• Referring/Inter-Referring
• Summary/Part 4 Course Outline

Lesson plan


1. Introduction 

2. Course Outline

3. Course Guidebook

4. Weekly Spiritual Challenges

Section I | Patient Interviews

5. Real Patient Interviews

6. How to Conduct an Effective Patient Interview

7. Real Patient Interview Breakdown

8. Extremely Helpful Clinical Tidbits

9. Section Summary

Section II | Protocols & Research

10. “I Feel Like I Don’t Know What I’m Doing” + Protocols

11. Research Your Patient

12. What Should I Research?

13. Section Summary

Section III | Being With Your Patient

14. “I Feel Like I Don’t Know How to Talk to My Patient”

15. Some Quick Tips

16. “My Patient is Very Chatty – How Do I Interrupt Politely?”

17. “I Don’t Like My Patient’s Personality – What Do I Do?”

18. Some Methods to Avoid Taking on Energy

20. “I Feel Off Today – Should I Cancel?”

21. Self-care

22. Being You

23. Section Summary

Section IV | Ineffective Treatments

24. “My Patient Felt Worse All Week. What Do I Tell Them?”

25. “What is a Healing Reaction, and What Does it Actually Look Like?”

25. 3 Follow-Up Ineffective Treatment Videos

26. Section Summary

Section V | Patience / Deeper Marketing

27. “Why Aren’t I Busy Yet?”

28. “I Don’t Feel That I Am Seeing Enough Patients”

29. Educating Your Patient (Deeper Marketing)

30. Calling Your Patient Afterwards

31. Section Summary

Section VI | Medications / Supplements

32. “How Do Medications Affect the Pulse and Energetic System?”

33. “How Do You Talk to a Patient About Their Medications?”

34. “What if They Go Off of Their Medication and the Acupuncture Doesn’t Work?”

35. “What if a Patient Comes to You Before Going on a Medication?”

36. “What Do You Do When Your Patient is on Many Medication That Are Contraindicated to be Taken Together?”

37. “What Do You Do When a Patient Asks You About a Chinese Herb / Supplement That Another Practitioner Suggested?”

38. Section Summary

Section VII | Treatment Planning / Compliance

39. “But Seriously, I’m New. I Really Don’t Know How Many Treatments My Patients Will Need.”

40. “What if My Patient Has a Difficult to Treat Syndrome?”

41. “How Do I Create a Powerful Treatment Plan That Works?”

42. “So, How Do I Find Time to Explain This Treatment Plan?”

43. “What Do I Do if the Patient Tells Me They Don’t Have Time For My Suggestions?”

44. Section Summary

Section VIII | Referring / Inter-referring

45. “How Do You Refer to and Work With Other Practitioners?”

46. “How Do I Inter-refer in a Multi-Disciplinary Clinic?”

47. “What If I Lose My Patient to My Referral?”

48. Section Summary

49. Course Summary

50. Course Outline for Now What? Part IV – Refine Your Skills

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