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Qi Gong Meditation: 5 Element Protection Exercise

Sarah Pritchard, Lic.Ac, MBAcC, Dip.Tui Na, Clin. Cert. Tui Na (Nanjing)
Qi Gong – 5 Element Protection Exercise


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CTCMPAO, BCNA (Category C), CHA, AHA, OHA, CTCMA (Section B)


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Course Description

Join Sarah for an expansive exploration of energy in this full body Qi Gong exercise and visualization. This practice has been used since ancient times to protect practitioners and will greatly serve you in your practice.

A great way to start the day, end the day, or use anytime that you are looking for a calm centre within your being. Please follow along with Sarah and note how you feel before and after the exercise. The difference can be quite astounding!

*Please note that many of the associations listed under ‘CEUs/PDAs’ do not formally pre-approve online courses for credits, and thus require the student to track their own online course hours to submit for approval for their annual CEU/PDA requirements.

Participants will enjoy:

  • Just over 20 minutes of a guided Qi Gong meditation designed to centre your being

  • One of Sarah’s most requested mini-videos from students in her live workshops

  • The soothing sounds and visuals of nature to help ground and relax you

  • More energy, yet a calm sense of peace and contentment


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Sarah Pritchard was one of the first westerners to practice Tui na in the UK and is known as an inspiring teacher and workshop leader. She originally trained to be an actor at RADA where she was introduced to Alexander Technique, Qi Gong, yoga and meditation as well as the performance and communication skills that have proved invaluable for teaching. Her Chinese Medicine studies began in 1992. She trained at the London School of Chinese Clinical Massage Therapy, the Nanjing University of TCM and the London College of Traditional Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Sarah is the author of two Tui na books ‘Chinese Massage Manual’ that is the definitive introductory text on Tui na Massage currently published in English. Her second book ‘Tui na- A Manual of Chinese Massage Therapy’ is a comprehensive handbook for the 21st century student and practitioner of Tui na working in the West. Both books are used as essential texts on Tui na training courses in the UK, Europe and the USA. Sarah has 17 years of teaching experience. In 2001, she wrote and developed the professional Tui na course for the LCTA London College of Traditional Acupuncture. She is currently senior lecturer and Tui na course co-ordinator at the City College of Acupuncture in London. Sarah has run courses, workshops and postgraduate seminars on Tui na and the integration of acupuncture, moxa and Tui na globally and is a regular workshop instructor at Pacific Rim College in Victoria BC. Sarah has been in private practice since 1994. She is the founder and Director of Blackheath Complementary Health Centre in London established in May 2000.


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  • USD: $11.62
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“Your five element protection exercise gives me such a sense of expansion and reminds me of my  own centred Presence. I love your voice talking me through it.”
Qi Gong Meditation: 5 Element Protection Exercise

 “I really enjoy your voice talking me through this grounding and protecting exercise in ‘real time’.”

Qi Gong Meditation: 5 Element Protection Exercise

“The 5 element protection exercise doesn’t only protect me, it protects my practise and thus my clients. It prepares me mentally and physically for my work but also my daily dealings in this world.”

Truus Jansen Dip. Tui Na, London England, Qi Gong Meditation: 5 Element Protection Exercise

“Sarah was the first to introduce me to the  5 Element Protection Exercise and ever since I have been practicing it regularly as part of my Yang Sheng routine within my practice of Chinese medicine. It is an incredibly profound exercise that grounds, centres, harmonises and replenishes your Qi, while also connecting it with the Universal Qi.  Therefore, it helps cultivate your health and well-being and the ability to live in the Here and Now with an attitude of equanimity. It also creates an energetic protection which is very much needed when working with patients. I am so very grateful to Sarah for teaching me this incredible exercise.”

Oana Valeria Iancu, Qi Gong Meditation: 5 Element Protection Exercise

I am student of traditional Chinese medicine and have always been drawn to qi gong and the inside universe. When I found this course, it felt right for me. I felt that this exercise is extremely calming, very grounding, soothing.”

Qi Gong Meditation: 5 Element Protection Exercise

“Lovely, simple, yet powerful. 5 stars.

Qi Gong Meditation: 5 Element Protection Exercise

“Relaxing guided meditation with beautiful bird chirping in a lovely location. Most useful: Sarah’s wonderful style of explaining concepts. The imagery connected with each organ, like fire, red and phoenix associated with the heart. 5 stars.

Qi Gong Meditation: 5 Element Protection Exercise

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