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Get 20+ FREE mini-lessons

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      100% video-based learning
      World-class instructors to inspire you 
      Ongoing enrollment
      College-level content that brings the 
      campus to you
      Comprehensive guidebooks

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  • The Best Herbs for Gut Healing & Immunity
  • Food Elimination & Withdrawal
  • Intuitive Eating Exercise
  • How to Make Lavender Infused Honey 
  • How to Make Gotu Kola & Green Tea Infused Oil
  • How to Integrate Tui Na and Needling
  • How to Apply Cob to a Wall
  • The Reasons For An Ultrasound
  • Why Is Indigenous Medicinal Harvesting Protocol 
    so Important? 
  • Homeopathy: How Like Treats Like
  • Optimal Labour Positions
  • Hormonal Acne Identification & Natural Treatment
  • 8 Signs of Digestive Imbalance
  • How the Liver and Gut are Connected to Hormonal Health
  • How to Choose the Correct San Jiao Acupoints for Needling 
  • The Benefits of Real Milk 
  • Nutrient Depletions Associated with Anti-inflammatory Medication
  • Nutrient Depletions Associated with Estrogen & Oral Contraceptives

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