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Gillian Marsollier
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Hello Jules!

Kenton is away for a few days, so I am stepping in to help 🙂

Deadman has a few areas in their points section that I feel are a bit lacking. For example, the ba xie are SUPER common points to bleed for any kind of hot bi style of conditions. That is very strange that they aren’t listing that. However, if you cross-compare with the CAM, you will see that those are indicated for bleeding, so you can see that they may ask that as that is one of the exam reference text books. Same with GV24. GV26 isn’t listed, but you can bleed that one as well (I have done this!) for acute excess back pain or epilepsy.

Yes, for the channels rich in Qi and Blood (there is very difficult to find in the reference texts and is a bit confusing as it is different in different classics:

Yang Ming – most rich in Qi and Blood

Tai Yang
Jue Yin – these 2 are more Blood and less Qi

Tai Yin
Shao Yin
Shao Yang – these 3 are more Qi and less Blood

The above are according to Simple Questions

I hope that this helps!