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Hi Stacey!

Some people find tincture is hard on their digestion, even if they dilute it in water. Some also find it tastes so bad that compliance isn’t the best. Also, those who are wanting to reduce their alcohol intake either to support their liver or for another reason may want to do capsule/tea instead of tincture. I have made a few Oregon grape capsules for people. the only drawback being that you have to take a bit more to get the therapeutic dose than you would the tincture. The therapeutic dose of Oregon grape is 3-6g/day, so if you were using a 00′ capsule you’d have to take around 6 capsules/day to reach that 3g dose.

Powdered herbs in capsules are also easier for people to travel with and for different populations, like the elderly.

Let me know if you have any more questions!