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Three Areas
1. Brain-dump study chart: these are very important because they have 5-Element, as well as Source, Cleft, etc. relationships
2. Groups of points: Host & Guest, Lower He-Sea, Mu/Shu, Influential, Confluent, Entry/Exit, Crossing/Meeting, local, adjacent, distal, symptomatic, empirical, Key/Command, and Group Luo/Meeting points. (Basically everything from page 124-131 in the workbook.)
3. I would reverse-engineer the treatment of pathogenic factors and Zang-Fu. Example: When you see Liver-Fire, do you know how to treat it? Are you going to pick LR2? How do you Clear Heat? LI4, LI11 and GV14? If these come to you naturally, as they should through your education, then you don’t need to spend time here.

Outside of this, you should know all your extra points, scalp and ear, and then know how to put point prescriptions together (layer cake video).

Is this helpful? Does this narrow it down and give you some focus?