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Katy Taylor

as i look more deeply, it may be because the descriptions of contributing factors may be too general for us to do more than symptom relief?

for example: mouth ulcers. the mouthwash tincture looks like mostly symptom relief, not related to all those Therapeutic Goals…
** maybe if we don’t know what factors contributed, then we can’t necessarily work on more than symptom relief and maybe tonics?
** if it’s stress, then that could be the underlying cause to address, and then maybe there would be a sustaining cause of NS imbalance. and satellite concerns could be related to other things we know about the client, like that due to stress they don’t eat well or rush their eating or eat too much acidic food, so changing eating habits and supporting digestion could be helpful…

or, take Nausea
** again, not knowing the cause–infection, travel sickness, pregnancy, medication, etc. how can we apply the Therapeutic Goals accurately?

or, Heartburn…

am i on the right track?