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Kimberley Curry

Hello to everyone! I am Kim and I from Nova Scotia, and I am very happy to be connected with you all. I have been studying herbalism for several years now but felt I needed a shift in my studies so I sought out a different program that was better suited to my needs. So I am very grateful to say that I have found that in the Community Herbalist program! I have been a nurse for over 27 years, having practiced in NH and MA in the US for 12 years, then returning to where I was born and raised here in Nova Scotia. I worked here as a nurse for about 10 more years but I have always felt a pull towards a deeper and more holistic way of living and working. I had turned to caring for myself with herbs while trying to have a child and experiencing pregnancy loss. I believe the herbal remedies I took, along with utilizing other modalities, led us to have our beautiful daughter who is now almost 8. As she grew and experienced many challenges with respiratory illness from infancy, I relied heavily on herbal remedies to get her through those difficult times, where conventional medicine had little to offer us and we were told that it was a normal part of childhood to experience this. It was through both of these experiences that I felt I could take matters into my own hands more and I knew there was a better way through plant medicine. I also knew that I needed to pursue my own path as a herbalist. I initially had planned to become a nurse herbalist, but as the needs of my family changed and I was becoming more burnt out from my profession, I left nursing entirely to focus on my family, and become a herbalist and start my own business. I have since continued to study, and am now growing and harvesting my own herbs, and making herbal products for my friends and family. I still greatly value my experience and knowledge as a nurse and continue to utilize it in my herbal practice, and I will always consider myself one. So I am very excited to deepen my knowledge through this wonderful program, and part of my vision is to bridge the world of conventional medicine and health care to the wondrous world of herbalism, plant medicine and a holistic approach to health and well being. I look forward to learning and connecting with you all!