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That case example would lean me towards Sinking of Spleen-Qi. Hemorrhoids or any other sinking should be diagnosed as prolapse and Spleen-Qi Sinking – which is basically Spleen-Qi Deficiency but in a very serious way.

A Long pulse means that it stretches beyond the bounds of a normal pulse. With more practice, a practitioner can start to feel the pulse on the edge of their first and third fingers – when a pulse is Long. You would then follow it to make sure you really feel what you are feeling. For example, you might feel that a person’s pulse is hitting the edge of your right first finger, and so you follow the pulse and notice that it goes quite far into the thenar eminence. This can also happen with the Kidney position, too. A Long pulse indicates Excess.

A short pulse would be the opposite. This is where the pulse doesn’t make it to the tips of your first and third fingers. This indicates Deficiency.