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Ginger essential oil could be supportive as a rubifacient. However, rather than the oil, you could also try working with ginger or cayenne in tincture form as an alternative. Tincture (that will still be rich in essential oils) could be incorporated into creams or salves or, could be applied with a cotton pad directly to the area. I suggest tinctures as a more mild, yet potentially tremendously effective alternative.

In one of her virtual classes, Seraphina demonstrated how to make a medicated salve, which includes a tincture around the 40 minute mark. I’ve linked it here: The Rhythm of the Herbalist in Summer.

If you want to move forward with trying the ginger tincture, I suggest adding just 1 drop to 1 tsp of carrier oil to start. You can use an essential oil dilution chart show here to determime dilution amounts. Start slow and gently!

Comfrey as a soaks, compress, or infused oil also comes to mind for this condition.

I hope this helps!