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Nancy Prober

Hi. I have a question about the types of herbal preparations we use to treat various things. I notice in David’s course that he talks about tinctures and creams a lot. I have a tendency to use teas/decoctions and salves and feel more comfortable making these preparations. I’m just wondering if it would make any difference in terms of the therapeutic effect, provided that I am using the right dosage. For example, in his talk on vericocities he has a tincture that includes hawthorn. Would it be reasonable to substitute hawthorn tea for hawthorn tincture? Also, he has a creme that includes calendula, comfrey, lavender, and arnica. I could very easily make up a salve with these herbs. Would that also be as therapeutic? I also realize that some herbal constituents are better extracted with water while others with alcohol or oil. Would that be something to consider as well when trying to decide what kind of preparation to make with what herb and for which condition?