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Esther Lepage

Hi, my name is Esther. I’m originally from Montreal. But now live in BC. I’ve been a professional Baker for almost 10 years, and since the last two years, I’ve been realizing how we live in a world that is disconnected. I realized how I was disconnected from the earth, from nature, from each other. I’ve also came to a realization that baking food full of refined sugar, flour, butter etc…did not make me help people to become healthier, and connected.
A couple of weeks ago, I injured my lower back due to over stress, over lifting, over working, lack of good sleep (being a baker, I need to wake-up at 3am).
I feel that life was telling me it was time to change, and to reconnect.
I believe that the earth in itself is a life given medicine, has a healing power in itself and in all living things. and I am hungry to learn and know what it is offering.
And looking forward to connect