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Ben Leach

Hey again, just wanted to post a brief update on here as its been a while.

First I wanted to say thanks for the tips Michele, I did see these when you posted them and my mum has actually stopped drinking alcohol altogether since I last posted.

My mum is still suffering with tinnitus however. It is on and off and seems to come on with no obvious trigger. We have tried to track it and there is no pattern to it whatsoever.
In terms of relief though we have found one thing that seems to help to relieve it at least some of the time is when she takes a shower. It’s not effective every time but she has had some success with it as a solution when it comes on and she happens to be at home.

As for the herbal suggestions, my mum has been a little apprehensive towards them so I can’t yet report back as to how much of an influence they have/will have but I will update this again if anything changes.

I did have one question in regards to herbals though. I came across the plant with common name Ground Ivy (Glechoma hederacea). I have read it has a history of helping people with tinnutus. Does anyone have any experience with this herb at all or know anything about it?

Thanks again