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Hi Michelle,

I suggest adding the vitamin e with the other oils, it is fairly heat stable and won’t be damaged with light warming. I hope your batch is still usable! Keep in mind, that vitamin E acts as a preservative in the way that it helps to protect your other oils from oxidizing (it’s an antioxidant) but it doesn’t protect your cream from bacteria or fungi contamination. What I like to do is keep only a small amount of cream outside of the fridge at a time, and keep re-filling the container from the larger batch in the fridge. Creams contain water and so are far more susceptible to contamination versus infused oils and salves. There are some preservatives you can add to your homemade products, that weren’t covered in the program you can read about some here: Natural Skincare Preservatives.

For your bottles, It’s best to sterilize them by submerging them in boiling water for 10 minutes if they’re glass, the same way you would before canning.

For your customers/clients, I’d really suggest storage in the fridge with the smaller jar for daily use separated. I’ve had creams go off that I’ve given to friends, and it feels like such a waste of beautiful ingredients when it happens!

I hope this helps,