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Chelsea B

Hey there! My name is Chelsea and I live in Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island. Born in Alberta but moving out to the island in 2006, the West Coast and a life of ocean waves and forest adventures will forever have my whole heart! I love it here!

I’ve been a self employed wedding photographer and makeup artist for the last 11 years but in recent years I have been nudged in new directions. Always one to chase my curiosities, this led me to become an energy healing and breathwork facilitator early 2020 which has been so fulfilling!

As for plants, well I surprised myself by becoming completely flower obsessed when I moved into my current home which has an incredible flower garden! It has lead me to start crafting and creating with the plants and their blooms, and utilizing their magical properties in my energy healing work. But I want to expand on this and so here I am 🙂

I have big dreams for how I want my healing business to grow and evolve with everything I learn in this space, alongside the vision for my backyard in which I will grow and share the magic and medicine of plants with many!

Looking forward to connecting with you all 🙂