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Jamie Douglas

My father has had crohn’s disease for 10 years. He had an operation to cut out a reoccurring abscess on his buttock. These procedure go extremely deep and unfortunately it made it worse.

He is currently on blood pressure medication and Humira. He currently has a flare up with his abscess. He has multiple sitz baths with Epsom salts but he is in extreme pain until in bursts.

he becomes fatigued, his immune system appears to be weak. he has dark circles under his eyes and his legs become stiff.

I know the medication, antibiotic treatments and surgeries are exhausting his liver and kidney’s which means when he does have anything else needing attention in his body he becomes fatigued.

I’m currently in Langley BC and it is very hard to find a herbalist. I have even tried to locate a practitioner in Chinese medicine but no one in the area deals with abscesses. I have also tried to book into the student clinic but there is a half a months wait.

I understand this type of chronic condition needs specialized support however the current Doctor either keeps cutting or prescribing antibiotics.

I was thinking some sort of poultice for the skin would help? I need something safe for a deep wound, antibacterial to fight infection as his skin can become red and inflamed as you can imagine and lastly something that will draw the fluid out.

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