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Hi Lee Anne,

The base cream that David mentions and uses in the video can be purchased online from Rutland. However, I was just browsing through the site and can’t find a complete ingredient list.

You can also make your own cream. It can seem like a daunting process but it’s really quite easy. Rosemary Gladstar’s cream recipe is one I have experience making, and I really like it. You can use cacao butter instead of coconut as you’ll see outlined in the recipe. You can replace the oil in the recipe with an infused oil, to make it more herbally beneficial.

If using a homemade cream recipe, you can adjust the amounts in the base recipe to leave room for the herbs you want to include in it, as infused oil or perhaps tincture form.

If you have a cream formula from the program that you’d like to make, I’d be happy to help you try to figure out some measurements!

I hope this helps.