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Maciocia uses the combination of SP10, LI11, LR2, KI6, HT9, LR3, DU16, GB20, and finally SI3 and UB62 in combination.

A lot of those acupoints makes sense, but why SI3 + UB62?

When you have been practicing for a time, I highly recommend taking Maciocia’s Extraordinary Channels course for CEUs. However, here’s a quote from the course material:

“The Extraordinary Vessels act as reservoirs of energy in relation to the
Main channels which are compared to rivers. This idea comes from the
Nan Jing (chapters 27 and 28) and was later picked up by every other
author writing about the Extraordinary Vessels.
The fact that the Extraordinary Vessels function as reservoirs means that
they are able not only to absorb energy from the Main channels, but also
to transfer energy to the Main channels when needed.”

Nan Jing, Chapter 27: “The sages built ditches and reservoirs and
they kept the waterways open in order to be prepared for above normal
situations [i.e. floods]. When there are heavy rains, ditches
and reservoirs are full to the brim…in the human body, when the
channels are over-filled they cannot absorb the excess [and this
overflow from the main channels is absorbed by the extraordinary

Chapter 28 “The sages built ditches and reservoirs; when these are
full they overflow into deep lakes…in the human body, when the
channels are over-filled, they overflow into the 8 extraordinary
vessels where they are no longer part of the general circulation”.

In some schools it is taught that we can Tonify Yang with UB62. However, typically, REN4, DU4, KD7, and UB23 (+moxa) are used to Tonify Yang.

Finally, in the case of Blood Level Heat with Empty Wind Agitating the Interior, SI3 and UB62 are being needled to ‘open’ the drainage ditch to absorb the excess Yang.