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Clara Bernier
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Hi there! I have a couple of questions from Case Studies Exam #2.

Question 11: Case 5
Frizzle Schnizzle, a 34-year-old patient caught a Wind Cold 2 years ago and his whole body broke out in rash with severe itching.

Patient Information:

rash is worse with scratching
he has tried cyproheptadine hydrochloride and vitamin c treatments which brought about some relief, but still he had frequent recurrence
last week after eating seafood, there was a recurrence of the rash
whole body was covered with rash of unequal size
form of the rash was not uniform, bright red in color and bump
rash color faded with pressure, and itched intensely
low grade fever
turbid urine
Tongue: red with yellow coat
Pulse: Wiry (Xuan), Rapid (Shuo)

Question 11: The location of the disease is:

Deficient below, Excess above
Both Interior and Exterior

I chose B – interior, because even though it started as a wind cold I didn’t really see any clear exterior symptoms at present. The answer says it’s both interior and exterior. Is that because it did start as a wind cold?


A patient has been experiencing recurrent anxiety attacks accompanied by palpitations for the past 2 years.

Patient Information:

stifling sensation in the chest
shortness of breath
ten days ago, the above symptoms recurred after an emotionally upsetting episode with her partner and were worse than usual
feverish sensation rising upwards towards her head accompanied by sweating
not thirsty
prefers cold food
poor appetite
no abdominal discomfort
restlessness makes it difficult for her to fall asleep
complains of coldness and pain in the lower back
urination and bowel movements are normal
Tongue: slightly red body, thin white coat
Pulse: Thready (Xi)

Question 28: Which is the most accurate TCM diagnosis?

Heart Yin Deficiency
Lung Yin Deficiency
Liver Qi Stagnation and Kidney Yang Deficiency
Liver Yang Rising with Spleen Qi Deficiency

I really had no idea where to go with this question haha, so confusing. The answer is Heart yin deficiency, which I guess you would have to choose because there are palpitations. But I really don’t understand the etiology and pathogenesis if I’m being honest. Is it possible for you to explain this one a little bit as well?

One more…


Bill just returned from an awesome time at Mardi Gras, but alas, is suffering from severe diarrhea and abdominal pain.

Patient Information:

he ate and drank “far too much” during the last few days
the last few hours he has had constant foul-smelling diarrhea, belching and a burning sensation in his anus
urine is yellow
Tongue: red with a yellow coating
Question 38: Which organ is affected?

Large Intestine

I chose Spleen, but the answer is Large Intestine. What symptoms tip you off that it’s large intestine and not spleen?

Thanks 🙂