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Natalia Moroz

A few acupuncture/foundation/diagnostic questions that have come over over practice exams…
This is on the Herbal Practice Exam #2 in MCQ style. Though they are more acupuncture related I’m putting them here…

Question #2. “Wind causes numbness in tingling” in a question regarding external pathogens. I’m trying to find a source for this and to compare with what fire or dampness might cause- but I can’t find it in Macciocia. Where can I study this/find this info?

Question #52. There was a question about broken needle where the the answer key had needling against the flow of an acupuncture channel as a reason for a broken needle over poor needling quality.

Question #74 ST8 + ST44 + LI4 for yellow nasal discharge over YANG MING Headache. I wonder how we differentiate that.

Question #126: Gallstones and Kidney Stones are intangible phlegm- but is this not tangible phlegm?? Also haven’t been able to find this in my notes.

Question #129: Defensive Qi (Wei Qi) + Nutrtive Qi (Ying Qi) + Kidney Essence + _______________?
What does this question even mean?!

Thanks for your time and help 🙂