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Gillian Marsollier
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Hello! My apologies as it looks like we missed your question!

Yes, you want to LOCATE the point in the one position, but then do your final location in the POSITION OF NEEDLING. For example, for SI6, you want to take the hand and put the palm on the chest (kind of like when you see a really cute baby or baby animal and your hand goes to your chest when you say, “Awwwwwwww”). You keep your finger on the dorsal aspect of the head of the ulna (a.k.a. wrist bump) and a space will open up. That is where the point is. But, you must position your patient so that it is realistic for them to hold their hand in that position for awhile and not have their fingers fall asleep! So, you may want to take the hand over the lower abdomen and be sure that the space is still open for needling. That will be your final position. You can also say this out loud at your exam if they will allow you to.

So, how you locate is sometimes one way, but remember that you must also use your final answer as the needling position. SJ14 and LI15 are perfect examples of abducting the arm to see the little calf’s nose that appears. You put your finger on the point and then put the arm back in needling position.

Another is Lu 1 and 2 – have the patient take their palm and push against your shoulder. That little triangle will appear at the deltoid – LU2 is the top and LU 1 is below.

Same with the JIG ear points – the patient has to open their mouth to find them, and then they can gently close it to needle.

Those are the main ones that I can think of!