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Natalia Moroz

this is a question regarding the biomedical bootcamp!

I just took the biomed practice exam #1 with 124 questions and found that the areas I had “incorrect” did not give me the correct answers. Some I deduced but others I’d like some explanation of…

The numbers were cut off so unfortunately I can’t supply the number of question but.. here goes

Best point for hypochondriac pain. Options: LV3 LV14 GB34 BL 18 – I thought LV14, this was wrong.
YANG MING is best point to use in hemiplegia patients for circulations… I thought Taiyang cause of WINDstroke but is it Yangming because this is most active with Qi and Blood?
A UTI is an example of : 1) BPH 2) Prostatitis 3) Ischuria 4) Stranguria… I thought strangurie but this was incorrect.
Common TCM pattern for fibrocystic breast disease- 1) QI XUE STASIS in ST Channel 2) SP QI XU with DAMP 3) LV QI STAG 4) Damp Heat in LR GB … Thought LV QI STAG but was wrong.
Question 83- managed to find this number, I thought the answer was lochiorrhea, but this was incorrect, wondering if this is a mistake.

Thanks for the clarification!