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Florence Kwok

Under Astringe’s Caution & Contraindications:
Due to their ability to bind & restrain, these herbs should NOT be used in individuals with pathogenic factors in the body such as:
-sweating due to febrile disorders
-food stagnation with diarrhea
-profuse menstrual bleeding due to heat causing a reckless flow of blood or
-frequent urination due to heat in LJ

Questions about “pathogenic factors”:
1. does it mean all Excess conditions
2. if #1 is yes, then if a patient has LV-Qi stagnation, does it mean this excess condition should be resolved first before astringent is taken. For example, if someone has insomnia due to HT Qi def and also suffers from LV-Qi stagnation, should the LV-Qi stagnation be resolved first before astringent like Wu Wei Zi is used.

I can see all the conditions have symptoms like sweating, diarhhea, profuse menstrual bleeding and frequent uringation that astringent might be prescribed however because they are all excess condition and astringent should NOT be used. I hope I am correct 🙂 Thank you!