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Hi, Florence!
I hope you are having a lovely day! This is a great question! Do you remember the last time you overate and felt bloated? Likely you do because you said you can understand that pathology! What if, while you were feeling bloated after that giant meal, I came along and offered you a slice of sweet, tonifying, rich, cloying, decadent cherry pie? Would you want to eat it while you were in this state of excess and stagnation? Or would you feel a bit nauseous from the smell and tell me you “can’t possibly take another bite of food” (aka loss of appetite)? The same thing is going on! If you used the tonifying herbs in the patient with underlying stagnation and the excess condition became worse, then there would be signs of the Qi dynamic of the Middle Jiao being disrupted and the Stomach Qi being unable to descend due to the excess condition, resulting in nausea (Stomach Qi is blocked and can’t descend), loss of appetite (Stomach can’t receive due to the state of excess and stagnation), and bloating!
I hope that clarifies things for you!
Have a gorgeous day!