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Reply To: Tinnitus Advice2021-08-13T17:37:54-07:00

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Ben Leach
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Hi Benna

Thank you so much for these tips and pointers. I will relay these for some options for my mum to try to help offer some relief.

I have also learned that there is a registered TCM clinic right near where my mum lives, so I am also going to point her in that direction to try to get some personal 1 on 1 advice from them and possibly some treatment too.

I will be sure to post again if any questions pop up and if she sees any relief of symptoms etc from any of these or other tips.

Thanks again Benna, really appreciate you taking the time to respond to this.

Also thank you for introducing me to some herbs I was yet to come across especially Wood Betony! I’m excited to look into the possibility of introducing this one into my own herbal collection.