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Deborah Shewchuk
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Simplification is right! In the end I found that chamomile worked best for bringing in the weeping phase/moving past the blister phase. And a combination of nervine infusion for my mind & mint/aloe worked best topically.

The nervines were so important and useful for sleep and relaxation while very itchy.

My plan for a topical formula if there is a future outbreak is simply a bit of bentonite clay with the aloe and mint prepared in a batch for the week. Although in the fridge it may be more shelf stable. I’ll have to experiment. Do you have any advice for determining shelf stablity of a product like this? I imagine making a few labeled samples and storing them in different ways and for differing amounts of time and then relying on organoleptics/charting.

I wouldn’t use too calendula until the blisters drain in fear it would seal the fluid in. But at this scaly stage I think calendula is a good idea.

“An oz. of prevention is worth a pound of cure” came to mind often. And I need to resist the urge to throw everything I have at it and keep things a lot more simple. In this and other issues I have. The advice is again and again to get to know one thing at a time. I really struggle with that. I want to do everything I can to resolve the problem. And love the creative aspect of creating formulas.

As far as the immunomodulatory tincture I did go with reishi because it was what I had the most of. But am cultivating a relationship with Echinacea angustifolia. There are 3 big patches (well one big patch and 2 other spots that have about a dozen individuals). They like it dry and sunny, high on the river banks near my house above oak treelines. And while I do not plan on harvesting from the wild I have been spreading its seeds to encourage it in places where it already enjoys living and bought many more seeds to plant in the yard and wild near where I live. 🙂

Red clover & Cleavers are plentiful here now (I’m not sure why chickweed didn’t seem to come to the yard this year, they are supposed to be great for itches). Burdock is too but sooooo challenging to dig!

It gives plenty of reason to have stocks of herbal medicines on hand for when you need them 🙂

I appreciate your reply thank you.