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Hi Michelle,

These questions are great, since they address a few things about the art of herbalism.
As you go through studies and experience in herbalism (both through this course, reading books, researching and spending time with the plants etc.) you will learn about more plants and how they can be subbed in when your don’t have your first choice of herb. This is one of the wonderful aspects of the art and learning of herbalism, a life long learning of expansive options!

In this case, you seem to have done a great job of this art by creating a wonderful protocol to support the person who is experiencing menstrual cramps, even though you don’t have one or two items from the example formula given through the course. Well done!

You certainly could add chamomile or calendula to the formula, especially if there is nausea or digestive related concerns with the cramping and/or stagnation, but the raspberry leaf, turmeric and ginger are a great combo to start. See how that goes and maybe add in the chamomile, calendula and valerian if the above do not achieve desired results after the first cycle or two.

Evening primrose oil can help with cyclical and PMS concerns including cramping, bloating, breast tenderness etc. but at this point/level it may be good to start with the herbs you suggested and work from there.

For the second part of your question. Supporting balance while/after coming off medication (in this case the birth control pill) was not covered at this course level, as it would be more in the realm of a Herbal Practitioner with certain safety considerations and more detailed intake often required. However, a simple, gentle and generally safe herb in THIS situation would be Milk Thistle, to support the liver with clearance and hormonal balance.

***Just a technicality note here: Community herbalists and even Registered Herbal Practitioners cannot use the work ‘treat’, ‘treatment’ or ‘prescription’ or anything that may suggest that we are going to ‘cure’ an ailment. This is just something to keep in your mind while supporting friends, family & community, connect to their health through herbal medicine. :)***

I’m happy to hear that this person is getting support from you and the plants,
With warmth,