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This is a big topic, there’s so much to say. As far as research goes, there is more to suggest that the inflammatory effects of omega 6 fatty acids may contribute more to heart disease than saturated fats. Kris Kresser is a functional medicine doctor who has a done a lot of work to dispel myths on this topic. He’s got a thorough eBook you can download for free for lots of information (well referenced) on the topic. To get the book, click here and the ebook download library is offered at the topic of the page.

The production of palm oil is a major force in the deforestation of some of the world’s more biodiverse forest. This is for the most part why it’s got such a bad reputation. However, for centuries, the use of palm fats as food have been important for people who live in the areas were this plant grows. As part of a cultural diet, it’s important to be aware of the issues of demonizing palm, which can contribute to the stigmatization of traditional diets.

The health issues associated with palm fat are a result of processing techniques such as hydrogenation. When minimally processed, palm oil actually contains high levels of antioxidants and contains approximately 50% saturated fat. However, the form of it used in a product like Becel, will not offer many benefits.

Lots to consider here! I suggest you start with reading the eBook and then come back to this board with any more questions or topics to chat about!