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These are three excellent questions.

When there is mention of slowing down the digestive system, this is regarding slowing down the first few stages of digestion, in the mouth (proper chewing), stomach, and the small intestine (where nutrients are absorbed). To slow this down means that a person may more effectively break down and assimilate the nutrients from their food. This can help to slow the release of glucose into the bloodstream, lead to increased feelings of satiation after eating, and more sustained energy. Slowing down this part of the digestive process can actually help to remedy sluggish bowels/slow transit time that can be due to improperly digested food. I hope this is clear! In summary, slowing down digestion generally means pairing carbohydrates with fats and proteins (which take longer to digest), calming the nervous system around mealtime, and ensuring proper chewing and time for the body to release digestive enzymes and acids to break down food.

The dose of 3-4 mg is not very much. Do you mean grams? Remember, capsules you may make by yourself hold 0.5 grams each. It is possible the person may feel less pain and see a reduction in inflammation after a month or longer. I wouldn’t expect any drastic changes after just 2 weeks. Please be sure to combine it with black pepper!

Skipping breakfast leads to increased concentrations of free cortisol in the body as if it has undergone a stressful event. This causes blood sugar levels to drop leading to low energy, irritability, and a general decrease in body function. There is a reduced adaptive capacity and functional impairment before you eat.

Breakfast basically kicks starts the body and provides all of the energy to fire up all your body systems. Eating breakfast (within around 30 minutes of waking) can provide more consistent energy throughout the day and support a better ability to concentrate.

I hope all of this helps!