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Deborah Shewchuk


Maybe the facebook group is meant to be our arena for connecting with each other however it is not a platform I easily resonate with.

Would the school, or a even group of students be open to considering an online meet up?

Some of my questions on these various discussion boards have fallen though the cracks and gone unanswered. While wholly loving the courses, I am feeling isolated in my studies (in addition to life in lockdowns!) I want to share the connection I’ve been creating with plant and am feeling a lack of connection to the school and fellow classmates. I would love to know who else is studying, see their faces, hear their voices. Hear what they are loving, any struggles, what they are doing with their new knowledge. It would be amazing to be able to discuss what we think about some of the big topics like the ones mentioned in Peter’s Therapeutic case taking class, or share plant stories and experiences, and learn from each others mistakes!

I’m picturing a zoom meeting where we introduce ourselves and answer a few general, get-to-know-you-type questions. Maybe even potentially break into groups to share on a topic or create some sort of sharing group.

I’d be happy with even a one off! But if people are interested a full moon or new moon meet-up just to touch base and share what we are working with, get inspiration from each other and get the sense of being in class with each other would be so so amazing.

Is anyone else feeling this way too?