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Hi Amelia,

Both the Deep Roots Vinegar and the Elderberry Oxymel can be infused for anywhere from 10 days to 30 days before straining it. The shelf life is about a year and they can be kept either on the shelf or in the fridge, but you’ll have a more consistent shelf life if you keep them/it in the fridge.
In terms of ‘dose’ this is something I would say a person can benefit from by adding a tsp/day into their dressings, cooking, into a sparkling shrub type drink, or just by the tsp straight. It is also of benefit to incorporate into meals and drinks on occasion. This all depends on how much the person needs the mineral, or immune and digestive support.

Most of these details can also be found in the recipe breakdowns in volume II of the guidebook, on pg. 52 and 54.

I hope you have a great time making these wonderful preparations!