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Michelle, there are lots of options here! Keep in mind that anyone can develop a staph infection but those who are immune-compromised have more of a risk. This includes those with chronic health conditions, recovering from surgery, and those with high levels of stress. So to support someone with this condition from the root cause, you want to be looking at their nervous and immune systems. I have notes from David about treating impetigo which is another symptom of staph infection. I’ll pass along his notes below.

Internally, adaptogens can be helpful for modulating the immune system and supporting the nervous system. David suggests astragalus and reishi. I’d also pair adaptogens with nervines that fit the needs of the person.

Liver support is also important. Milk thistle and dandelion can be helpful! Burdock too, but starting slowly, and in small doses.

Topically, David suggests a spray to the infected area. The spray: myrrh tincture: 20mL, calendula 90% tincture: 20mL, baptisia tincture:10mL, and either tea tree or thyme or cedar essential oil. Even just a calendula tincture mixed with essential oil could be very helpful.

In addition to these suggestions, keeping the area clean is very important. And, avoiding shaving or touching, order to prevent the spread of the bacteria. Hands and materials touching the area should be washed in hot water.

Depending on the severity of the boils, this may require professional medical attention! I hope this information helps. Let me know if you have any further questions.