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Pamela Mitchell

hey everyone

I enrolled in the community herbalist course in November. I have nearly completed the course with a couple assignments to finish. My name is Pamela Mitchell, I live in the Comox Valley, I am K’ómoks First Nation. I see couple others living in the valley and would love to hear from them and stay connected possibly and help each other out. I wasn’t much of a grower growing up but my mom comes from a farming family and all her siblings and her are great gardeners/ farmers. I love learning about the traditional medicines of my people from thousands of years ago and want to bring that to my community. I plan to fill every inch of my yard with plants so I can share them with abundance. I hope to find my place with the plants, as an artist it is in me to create. I have made some different beauty products testing them out, showing myself some love in the process. maybe in a couple years i will take the Clinical course. but for now i will explore the plants a little bit more and see what i can create and how i can help.

Thank you