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Deborah Shewchuk


I’m enjoying revisiting this course with the textbook in hand.

My question is about BP that is a bit low. Or is on the low side of normal but dips into some of the symptoms of LBP, like dizziness and fainting. It isn’t addressed in the course however it is of interest as it is something I’ve dealt with a lot in my life and now a friend is having the same issues. The GP doesn’t seem too concerned unless it goes below the magic number.

Would a good strategy be to increase use of circulatory herbs like cayenne and ginger? Is there something else that could gently bring up BP or counteract the effects of the hypotensive herbs I enjoy like Hawthorne, garlic and Yarrow, or should I avoid these herbs? Licorice perhaps?

I imagine the goal is to support circulation and hydration in general. Exercise, though the lightheadedness can come up if I push myself, and at times yoga or sitting with my legs up the wall is all that’s available. Sometimes I feel like I’m not getting enough oxygen, brain fog and low energy and thought there may be a connection to the BP. I’m curious about Gotu Kola, would it be appropriate in this case?

Do you know of any other specific dietary or herbal allis to consider?

Thank you ☺️