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Hi Stephanie,

Thank you for double checking, but that’s correct Concerta is not an MAOI, and MAOI’s (due to their inherent nature/action) can increase the effect of Concerta, potentially causing unwanted side effects.

Ultimately what I had written in the post remains the same, but I will highlight again that herbal MAOI’s are not the same (nor are they equally strong at MAO inhibition) as each other, nor as pharmaceutical MAOI’s. So, the list I gave you does not mean that you have to avoid any and all use of all every herb I listed in the previous post. Instead my aim was to guide you to do a little bit more research on them, with a focus on their MAOI action, strength and any potential contraindication concerns before using them at a therapeutic dose.

Hopefully this is of some help and you are not scared off from all of the previously mentioned plants, just a little more aware and equipped to approach them in a safe way.

With warmth,