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Hey Jessie!

Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the program so far! The other admin and I are so happy to answer questions. We’re all learning together.

This is a tricky question but I think we can work together to figure it out. The two plants look so similar but the good news is, they are medicinally interchangeable. So, as long as you can confirm it’s one of these two urticas, you’re safe to use it! A significant difference between the two is that Urtica urens grows as an annual, and Urtica dioica is a perennial. Though, the urens could self-seed in the same spot and grow year after year in the same spot, as if it’s perennial…Urtica urens also has fewer hairs on the stems and leaves than dioica. Urens is also called dwarf nettle because it is shorter than dioica and only grows to approx 30 inches (75 cm) high.

Can you please upload a picture of what you have and I’ll take a look? You can upload it through the link below. You just select the image from your computer, and when it is done, copy the link and paste it in this chat thread!