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Reply To: Herbal gardening 2020-07-22T14:42:10-07:00

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Deborah Shewchuk
Post count: 22

You were so helpful, Thank you! So now that the oats are ready to be harvested more questions arise. If I leave them on the screens on the porch they will get an hour of filtered light late morning and in the valley I live in it’s humid & very dewy in the mornings. Is there any recommendations for building something that protects them from dew or do I need to bring them in the house over night? Would hanging in bundles be better than laying on screens?

How will I know when they are fully dry?

Do you reccomended cutting the straw into bits to increase surface area and for storage later, before or after they dry?

Is the “straw” mostly the stem or is it both the stem & grass?

Lots of questions sorry!