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Hey Brianna! Sorry to hear that your power shut off! I’m assuming you’re talking about making a fresh-herb infused oil? I don’t think it will be a problem that you had to re-heat them. The intention of applying the heat is to encourage water evaporation and speed of the extraction of medicinal constituents into the oil. If you’re worried, later on, you can just be sure to store your preparation in the fridge and/or add Vitamin E to help with preserving.

Okay, for fresh root infused oils yes, a warm extraction method is best. Try to chop up the roots in small pieces for a more potent extraction. You don’t need to completely dry them first but if you’re working with very juicy roots, you could let them sit out for 12 hours or so to release some of the water.

I’m curious about your interest in making a dandelion root oil. Is this to use topically? Are there particular benefits you’re hoping to get from this? I’m keen to hear your ideas! Or maybe, we can work together to choose a different herb that may be better suited.