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Jessica Sabell

Hello! I’m Jessica and recently started the Home Herbalist course. I live in Edmonton, Alberta where everything has come alive in the forest now that it’s June, so I can’t wait to get out there to apply the teachings. I’ve always loved plants and learned about them in university as part of an Environmental Science degree but the focus was very much on ID/plant survey techniques, and now I want to deepen my understanding and connection with plants through a more holistic perspective. Part of this stems from having not much luck with conventional medicine in treating some minor issues, but seeing great results after meeting with a local Clinical Herbalist. Seeing the results of plant medicines first hand has convinced me this is an area of study worth my time and attention. I’m not looking to be very clinical with this and instead want to develop a personal practice with plants that includes sustainable wild-crafting, growing a herb garden, incorporating wild foods and simple medicines into daily life along with an intuitive/spiritual practice, and I see the Home Herbalist course as a wonderful basis for this adventure.