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Kristen Battle

Hello everyone!
My name is Kristen and I am so happy to be here. Taking this program has been a goal of mine for several years now.

I’ve just moved to the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island with my husband after spending three years in Victoria and then another two on Salt Spring Island. I am very excited to start putting down some roots and planting my dream permaculture garden and food forest.

I have always been drawn to the outdoors as a child of pseudo-hippies who never hesitated to take us kids camping and hiking, no matter the weather. I can’t pinpoint when my relationship with plants began but I was lucky to be able to take a horticulture elective throughout high school and have put that knowledge to work over the years as an indoor/balcony/public space guerrilla gardener. Looking back, plants have been with me in a meaningful way for my entire life. I’m happy to finally be embracing them back.

I began to use medicinal plants more deliberately after experiencing trauma and mental illness. One thing I particularly love about plant medicine is the way it empowers folks to take their healing into their own hands. I’m especially interested in using plants for social justice and community healing work. I don’t have precise career goals but I am very excited to see where the plant path leads me.

Looking forward to walking this journey with all of you lovely humans <3