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T. G Isak

Hello there,

It is exciting to see everyone’s introduction and feel connected over our common draw to this course via the internet. A truly unique opportunity for which I am very grateful.

I was born and raised in the Lower Mainland of BC (also called Greater Vancouver) and have only been in the airports of other provinces (not yet territories) in Canada! One day that will change as I plan to embark on a trip around (not just across) Canada in the future.

Although my Canadian home has only been in the province of BC, I enjoy travelling and experiencing other cultures.
Some of the countries I have visited and lived, worked or studied in include: Uganda, Mexico, Japan, Australia, Netherlands, Germany and the U.S.A. All places I’ve been (including where I live) have flora, fauna and fungi that always distract and inspire me on bush walks, what a welcomed break from busy ambitions.

It’s clear to me that everyone, no matter their environment, have a unique connection or disconnection to those three key elements (flora, fauna and fungi) in our world and I myself feel eager to uncover further understanding regarding that.

My family background is rural Eastern European, so my grandparents had a very heavy reliance on the soil and natural remedies.
I remember goofing around in the garden as a young one, tasting, harvesting and planting under the instruction of my grandmother who had learned from the elders of her community and through her own discoveries.
One thing that has stood out so far in this course is the instructors mentioning “sitting with the plants”, my grandmother used to do this although I did not realise it at the time. She told me she loved to “listen to them” and now I finally am starting to imagine what that means or how it feels.

It is a true honour for us to have access to this vast knowledge about herbal medicine.
I’m glad to be in good company with fellow students through this course!

Thank you and nice to meet you through your stories,

PS. I’m not good at regularly engaging on social media platforms, but will occasionally check in!
Until next time, cheers!