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Deborah Shewchuk
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I have a couple questions. In the internal medicine making course is there a maceration period for the Elderberry Oxymel and the Deep Roots Vinegar? Would it just be the same 2-4 weeks, the same as the Mineral Vinegar? Are there a recommendations for storing it during that period? For example if I wanted to use the product sooner than 2 weeks would it be appropriate to heat the vinegar a bit or put in a sunny spot to speed the process the way we do with infused oils?

Second I am curious about the business permit to obtain higher proof alcohol. I imagine it varies from province to province (I am in Manitoba and have peeked at the website but so far am not sure what I’m looking for) Do you have any advice on how to proceed with that? Perhaps it could piggy back on my Massage Therapy business.

The courses have been great so far. I am in an area with spotty internet so I especially appreciate the Therapeutics course as it has a more complete written manual that doesn’t rely so heavily on the videos as the Internal Medicine Making course does. Would transcripts be available for those without reliable internet access It would be a big help!

Thank you for everything!