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Daniela Fernandez
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Hi everyone,

My name is Daniela, and I can’t believe I hadn’t looked through the discussion posts sooner – what a wonderful read-through! Reading about all of your paths is so affirming; they resonate so much with me. After watching almost all videos in Course 1, I am also pleased to see I have come to the right place. <3

My story, like many of yours, is layered; and looking back, I can now connect many more dots as to how I landed here. I am originally from Colombia, and grew up in a family surrounded by women who practice esoteric arts and intuitive work, headed by an abuela who knows all of Mother Earth’s little tricks for healing ailments naturally. I was always a sensitive kid and felt connected to nature, but growing up in a big city didn’t always allow me the space to explore that connection. All of that changed when my mother and I moved to New Brunswick and over time my community taught me how to camp, hike, grow food, preserve food, and live in harmony with the seasons, which has been a real game-changer to making the most of life on the East Coast.

I have a BA in Environmental Studies and Geography from Mount Allison University, and since I graduated I have lived and worked in different countries doing food security and public health work, but I now call Moncton home. I’ve recently bought a house here and I’m eager to harness the power of rooting myself into the land and its cycles by growing my first garden, and of course, some medicinal herbs for our home. I’ve always had an interest in health and wellness, and after years of successful work with naturopathic and complementary medicine practitioners on some of my own health issues, I want to get closer to my dream of working with my hands and with nature to help others find ease and balance.

So far, I LOVE that this course allows for the co-existence of the mystical and the scientific in the discourse around plants and medicine; it makes me feel like I’ve found a community in that space, and I feel open and energized by the idea of seeing where this adventure takes me/us – what better time to seize the day?

Looking forward to learning with and from all of you,