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Natalie Horscroft

Hi Benna
Thank you for this and I actually do have a question about diluting. I was able to source some 90% Ethel alcohol from a local distillery. It is grain free as they make a beautiful potato vodka with it and I’m excited to experiment, but it is so strong!
I made a small jar of fresh motherwort tincture using the folk method, as I am still waiting for a kitchen scale, and it is amazing to see how quickly it has pulled the colour from the leaves. However when I open it up to taste it it is extreme! Where can I find more resources on how to work with the strength of alcohol? And am I correct in assuming that it really is only necessary for fresh herbs, particularly those that are aromatic or contain a lot of volatile oil’s, and plants with a high resin content?

Based on how strong this tastes I think I will continue to use a 40% vodka or brandy for most of my preparations, particularly when using dried leaf material, but I would like to know how to use this stronger alcohol in order to make fresh plant preparations that are medicinal.

I have a lot of resources on hand but can’t quite seem to figure out whether or not this tincture should be diluted and by how much. Thank you so much for your help.