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Hi Carolyn,

This is an interesting question and I am glad that you brought it into discussion.
While I appreciate that you are thinking of potential solutions to further urinary concerns that may be present with BPH, Licorice is a herb that has contraindications and cautions that make it unsuitable to recommend for experimentation in bladder muscle tone. Generally speaking longer term (or any) therapeutic use of Licorice to support certain health concerns should be done with the guidance of a herbal or other practitioner, for safety reasons.
I am quite interested in the muscle aspect that you mention. We don’t commonly use Licorice for muscle concerns in Western Herbal Medicine, and I’ve only really read a little bit about Glycyrrhiza uralensis (Chinese Licorice) being used to promote muscle growth in children or to relieve muscle spasm due to blood deficiency. Would you be willing to share your resources on this? We are always interested in learning more ourselves!
Questions like this could make a good research question when studying to become a herbal practitioner though. It got me thinking!

What I would suggest for now is to stay within the scope of this course and create formulas and preparations that you learn about from the Materia Medica or Therapeutics class. This is an interesting question and I am glad that you brought it into discussion.